From a Somatic perspective, our mind and our body are not just intimately connected, but rather one living, breathing whole.  Hence matters of our psyche and matters of our body are intertwined and intimately related.  When we learn to integrate our thoughts with our body language, breath and feeling states, we gain access to more of ourselves and discover a world of information that guides us toward the answers we are looking for.


How I Work 

I integrate many techniques from the mindful and somatic healing modality, Hakomi in my practice and utilize techniques from Peter Levine's work with Somatic Experiencing - both practices help to unwind and release the nervous system and create more aliveness and flow in the mind/body/spirit. I'm a big fan of Donald Epstein's work with Somato Respiratory Integration and integrate his practices into sessions. I also use guided meditations adapted from the teachings of Richard Miller and Swami Satyananda and their work with Yoga Nidra.

In a session I may ask you questions like "where do you feel that in your body?" "Does it have a color, a shape, a size?" "If it could speak, what would it say?" I ask these questions because they help you learn to speak the language of your body's nervous system. When you learn to speak your body's language you can heal fear-based thinking and past traumas from the inside out.

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