Ongoing individual therapy sessions can be a beautiful source of support. Together we create a centered place to explore your unique process, heal your pain and tap into your soul.

My STyle

I come from the perspective that you are whole as you are. And I believe that your wounds can be access points to your healing. I draw from an eclectic range of trauma-informed somatic, artistic, spiritual and traditional talk therapy modalities. Some of the techniques we can use are Hakomi, Gestalt, psychodynamic, and art therapy modalities. As a reiki master practicioner, I can also bring energy work into our sessions. As we get to know each other, you and I co-create your goals and practice techniques that align best for you.

 I also take great care in honoring the social environment that we live in as an integral part of our process and approach therapy from an intersectional lens. 


Curious to see if we would be a good fit?

Check out my Therapy for Seekers page to learn more.