Ongoing individual therapy sessions are a beautiful source of support. Together we can create a grounding place to explore your unique process, heal your pain and tap into your soul.

 I draw from an eclectic range of clinical psychotherapy modalities including psychodynamic, gestalt parts work, somatic practices, archetypal work, non-dual theory as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. I also take great care in honoring the social environment that we live in as an integral part of the therapeutic process and approach therapy from an intersectional lens. 

Weekly Sessions

In our sessions together we build trust so we can explore your unique process, find your inner ease and tap into your true self.  Sessions are 50 minutes long and weekly. This frame helps to build our relationship and keep the momentum going so that you can get the most out of therapy. 



Fee is $150 per session.
* I do hold some spaces sliding scale spaces. Please inquire.