Ongoing individual healing sessions can be a beautiful source of support. Together we create a grounding place to explore your unique process, heal your pain and tap into your soul.

My STyle

I come from the perspective that you are whole as you are. And I believe that your wounds can be access points to your healing. I draw from an eclectic range of somatic, spiritual and traditional talk therapy modalities. Some of the lenses I hold are: psychodynamic, gestalt parts work, jungian archetypal work, yoga therapy, shamanic and non-dual theory.

 I also take great care in honoring the social environment that we live in as an integral part of the therapeutic process and approach therapy from an intersectional lens. 



I can provide *out of network* insurance receipts for reimbusrment and I accept HSA/FSA cards. To learn about your rate of return for insurance, I suggest calling your insurance and injuring about your out of network deductible and reimbursement rate.