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Sometimes life can leave us feeling overwhelmed, lonely or exhausted from the rat race. And yet, there is a wise, creative and passionate part of us that survives and knows that thriving is possible. This is our inner wild woman. Our work, is to remember her.

What if you woke up in the morning and truly believed that you were enough? What if you trusted your gut, especially in confusing times?  What if you felt free to simply be? Free to grow, love and to go for your goals? To stumble and to rise, again?


Hi There, I’m Dana

You can think of me as your emotional midwife, for I'm here to help you push when you need to and learn to surrender when it's time.

I'm a psychotherapist because I know in my bones that when we choose to stand for ourselves, the ripple effect on our world is palpable. Learn more… 


Women's Groups 

Beautiful things can happen when we are able to express our unique and collective struggles, gifts, passions and pains in a nourishing environment.

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In our sessions together we build trust so we can explore your unique process and tap into the real you.

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Energy Work

As a Reiki Master, I channel healing energy into your body through my hands.

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